Safety & Training

As a general contractor, Williams has made our commitment to employee training a cornerstone to developing and retaining top quality people. Our training program prioritizes the skills necessary to build quality structures on time and on budget, while our management skills training instructs our field staff on the most effective way to communicate with our trade partners and clients in a professional manner.

Safety training is and will always remain a top priority. Our number one resource is people and it is our responsibility to keep people safe and our clients’ property protected. Our exemplary track record leads the industry and is a direct result of our commitment to training.

Driven Self-Improvement

Construction professionals have an investment and obligation to actively pursue professional development. Each construction professional at Williams identifies professional development goals on an annual basis. Achievement of these goals is assessed on an annual basis.

To achieve these goals, each construction professional is assigned a subject area to master and train the rest of the team. When we train the trainer, we develop subject matter experts in key areas to stay current with the changing construction environment.

Each year, we send people for additional training outside of the organization to programs such as FMI’s Project Manager Academy and the US Army’s Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Control Program. Outside programs are then introduced to the whole Williams team upon their return.